How far are you willing to run?

TEC 2021

At this time we don’t know if TEC 2021 can be held 9-11th of April. It depends of the regulations for running events. Decision if TEC 2021 will take place 9-11th of April or be postponed will be given the 14th of Mars!

If the regulations change for running events we will have a TEC but the size of it is depending on the regulations and after I’ve done risk analysis of the event.

A normal TEC is about 300 runners, divided into largest start group TEC 100 miles, then Backyard Ultra and 50 miles, the smaller starts are TEC 200 miles and 50 miles night. First start during Friday and finish line closes at Sunday afternoon.

During 2020 I made a special TEC 100 miles with three possible starts and extended it with one day so the amount of people never would exceed 50, that succeeded but unfortunately that is not possible to do the exact same due to that the expenses are more or less the same as for an event with 300 runners but less income. But I promise it will be a TEC in some way during 2021!


/ David