How far are you willing to run?

Questions and anwsers about TEC

1-      List of expenses for TEC: (accommodation, flights – any information you have)

–          Accomodation, we recomend Scandic Täby, we can arrange transfer between hotel to start and when you’ve finished the race.

The rate for a single room its 850 SEK, for a double room its 950 SEK.
To book a room please contact: or call +46 (0)8 517 35 416 and use the booking code 46792651  and you will get the discount.

2–      Getting from Arlanda airport?

TEC is locadet 30 minutes south of Arlanda airport if you go by car/taxi.

Flights & From Arlanda to TEC’s Hotel

–          From where you are you will travel to Arlanda, ARN, Stockholm, Sweden that is located a little bit north of Stockholm City. Please check with your travel agency for flight prices.

–          From Arlanda you can travel by bus or taxi.

  • Taxi should cost 450-500SEK, ask for a fixed price. (look for Taxi 020 or Taxi Kurir)
  • By bus you will have to buy a card from “Pressbyrån or 7 Eleven”, ask at the info desk at Arlanda!

Then take the commuter train from Arlanda to Upplands Väsby, then change to bus 684 Täby Centrum and get off at the station Täbyvägen, change to bus 610 Danderyds Sjukhus and get off at Roslags Näsby Trafikplats, walk about 500m.

Price for a 72 hour ticket is 230SEK + ARN ticket 75SEK =305SEK

If you travel with other persons you should take a taxi because of the price, otherwise do as you please but a taxi takes half the time.

3-      What is maximum race time per distance?

The TEC race have time limits:

200 miles have 54 hours. 50 and 100 miles have 30 hours. 50 miles night have 16 hours. Finish closes at 16.00 Sunday the 23 of April.

4–      Pre race time?

You should come to Scandic at Friday, TEC Crew will be at the hotel to welcome you to TEC and you can also buy a dinner with other runners (you’ll get info in the TEC-mail). Eat and listen to an inspiring speech by an ultra runner.

If you get there during Friday you can stop by Ensta Krog to get your bib and also cheer on the 200 miles runners, or maybe your one of them?

We have had people that stay for some days before the race and also some days after the race.

One guy went directly to the airport after the race (and shower).  It depends if you want to go into Stockholm and look around.

If you go by bus it will take about 30 minutes to go into Stockholm City Center.

5-      Important dates?

26-28th of April , TEC 2019

1 of September 2018, registration opens for TEC 2019

6-      Are there required qualification race to participate

No required qualification.

7-      Medical certificate?

No required medical certificate.


Best regards

/ David Sundvall, race director