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About TEC

TEC – Täby Extreme Challenge is an ultra running race in the north part of Stockholm, Sweden, 26-28th of April 2019. TEC as it’s called is arranged for the 11th time 2019 and we can offer you 50 miles both a day and a night race, 100 miles,  200 miles and TEC Backyard Ultra.

The race track is on mostly gravel and some kilometers with single track in the forrest, some asphalt occeurs. One lap is 11.5km so you will run 7, 14 or 28 depending on your choise of distance!

For the distance “Backyard” it will be a lap of 6,7 km and you start at 26th of April 18.00 (06.00 pm) and the second lap starts 19.00 (07.00 pm), new start every hour and continues like that until it’s one runner left. Possibility to 45 starts. If there are two runners at the last lap the winner will be the one who cross the finish line first during the last lap.
Organizer & Race Director

David Sundvall