How far are you willing to run?

TEC 2016 will take place at the 15th – 17th of April!!!

Registration will open at 12.00 AM the 5th of September.

200 miles – 1200 SEK (25 runners limit) – START Friday the 15th at 10.00 AM

100 miles – 800 SEK – START Saturday the 16th at 10.00 AM

50 miles – 800 SEK – START Saturday the 16th at 10.00 AM

50 miles night – 800 SEK – START Sunday the 17th at 12.00 PM

Finish close at Sunday the 17th at 16.00 (04.00 PM)

We have a limit for a total of 250 runners (excl. 200 miles)


Payment terms

– You can unregister until 29th of February 2016 and you will get 50% back of the registration fee.
– The price will increase the 1 of Mars with 200 SEK (all distances).
– From the 1 of Mars there will be no payback of the registration fee.
– You are not allowed to change name or sell your registration to someone else, if this happens we will disqualify the person and it will be no running for him or her.


Change distance

– You can change your distance for free, but keep in mind that this is extra administration for us so please think how far you will run before you register!
– You are allowed to change distance during the race, but you will not get a price when finishing the distance you change to. Your finish time will be added to your new distance but below the ordinary runners for this distance.