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Important information!

Hello all!

1. As it seems the info about Actives admin fee hasn’t been clear enough, we apologize for that. The fee is an administrative fee that Active has for all their races and doesn’t show until you are clicking on “pay”.


2. We can’t accept that runners give/sell their start to another runner, the reason is that this race due to the risk that is when you run ultra and don’t sleep etc. can be devestating if we don’t have the correct information about you. The runner will have the wrong name, wrong emergency contacts, wrong important info (if so writtan that the first runner is allergic, take medecin etc.) and also the race will be registred on the person who DIDN’T run, so they will get DUV registration and UTMB points. PLEASE do not change/sell registrations!!! As this may happen, I will for next year look into if we can have an option in the registration to self manage and sell/give your start to another runner for “price up to you” but with an low admin cost of 100SEK.


3. The start list is down, I have uploaded an excel document were you can see the start list.


/ David Sundvall
Race organizer