How far are you willing to run?

TEC 2020 is ON!

Dear runners!

I’m pleased to tell you that we have the permit from the police and Täby kommun to go on with TEC 2020!

Below you find the registration links but you MUST read below SPECIAL RULES!


A total of 3 starts with MAXIMUM 50 runners per start. Registration opens the 10th of September at 19.00 (07.00 PM). As the registration fee couldn’t be 0 SEK it will be 5 SEK.

If you can’t register or don’t get a spot this year you will automaticly be transfered to start list in 2021 9-11 of April!

NOTE that you have to be registered to the main event to get a spot at below races, if not your registration will be deleted!

First start, 50 & 100 miles, is Thursday the 8th of October at 08.00 AM and last finish is on Friday the 9th of October at 08.00 AM.


Second start, 50 & 100 miles, is Friday the 9th of October at 09.00 AM and last finish is on Saturday the 10th of October at 09.00 AM.


Third start, ONLY 100 miles, is Saturday the 10th of October at 10.00 AM and last finish is on Sunday the 11th of October at 16.00 PM.



NO audience or family members is allowed at Ensta Krog “TEC area” 1 hour before and 5 hours after each start. If someone wants to cheer on you they could be in the open area at Ensta Krog. NO AUDIENCE AT THE START! As agreed with the police we don’t allow more than 50 people and that number includes both runners and audience.

TEC Crew is not counted within the 50 person limit so if someone wants to be help as TEC Crew they shall write to and be able to help for at least 4 hours.

Changing rooms – due to problems with damage in locker rooms and toilets those are not open as usual, you need a key to access! TEC Crew will provide  you with one if needed. We will have access with our keys day and night!

Tent – will be up, for the Thursday runners the tent will be up a bit later than the start, TEC Crew will help with the placement of your drop box!

Food, drinks etc – we will have TEC Crew pour water, Umara drink, coffee etc. That to minimize people touching jerricans. Also we will not serve everything as usual, less “self picking” trays. More garbage bags will be placed out and also there will be hand sanitizer at the table that we want you to use, both for you and for your fellow runners sake!

After the race – if you finish your race you are not allowed to stay as audience to look at the next start. If you want to help as TEC Crew after your race please write to and be able to help for at least 4 hours.

Questions – please write an email to

Best regards

David Sundvall

Race director TEC