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Backyard info about golden ticket + start list

Hello all!

Backyard info: 

TEC is on the Big Dogs Backyard (USA) list as an afilliated race, this means that if the winner and have ran many laps (no exact number of laps is stated from Lazarus) he or she can be chosen to get a Golden Ticket to Big Dogs Back Yard Ultra.

TEC would like to provide the winner, if given a Golden Ticket, with a free registration of the race and also a flight ticket for 1 person to USA (return ticket included).

The flight shall be economy class for one person and doesn’t inlcude hotel or transfers to airports. 


Start list

To check the list of runners (8th of January 2020) –> Start list 

200 miles – 12 runners

100 miles – 124 runners

50 miles – 24 runners

50 miles night – 1 runner

Backyard – 25 runners